Mivan Shuttering Oil

Mivan Shuttering Oil

Mivan Shuttering Oil, also known as formwork release oil or mold release oil, is a specialized lubricating and release agent designed for use in construction, particularly in conjunction with Mivan shuttering systems. This oil plays a crucial role in facilitating the easy demolding and release of concrete structures from formwork, ensuring a smooth and efficient construction process. Its formulation is tailored to meet the specific requirements of Mivan shuttering systems.

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Formulation for Mivan Shuttering Systems: Mivan Shuttering Oil is formulated specifically for compatibility with Mivan formwork systems, which typically involve aluminum panels and accessories. Its composition ensures optimal performance in conjunction with these materials.

Compatibility with Various Surfaces: This oil is designed to be compatible with a variety of surfaces, including aluminum and other materials commonly used in Mivan formwork. It ensures smooth application and reliable performance without causing damage to the formwork.

Ease of Application: Mivan Shuttering Oil is typically easy to apply, either through manual methods or using automated spraying systems. Its application ease contributes to the efficiency of the construction process.

Reduced Formwork Cleaning Time: The use of Mivan Shuttering Oil reduces the time and effort required for cleaning formwork between concrete pours. This contributes to overall construction efficiency and project timelines.